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In the Austin, Texas area, homes lacking adequate insulation, particularly in the attic, waste excessive amounts of energy and are far less comfortable to live in. Upgrading your home’s insulation is an excellent way to reduce your cooling and heating bills. It will also make your home more comfortable, keeping it cooler during the heat and warmer during brisk winter nights.

Energy Efficiency with Fiberglass Insulation

Insulation acts as a thermal barrier for your home. The higher the insulation’s thermal resistance, or R-value, the less heat travels through. This helps to keep your home from getting too hot during the Texas heat, but it also stops your home from getting too cold on chilly evenings during the winter. Investing in your home’s insulation will increase its energy efficiency, effectively saving you money throughout the entire year in heating and cooling costs.

The Additional Benefits of Insulating with Fiberglass

In addition to lowering your monthly bills, adequate R-value fiberglass insulation in your home, especially the attic, has the benefits of:

  • Being cost effective and straightforward to install

  • Being non-corrosive and non-combustible, ensuring the safety of your family and home

  • Not requiring wet adhesives or fire retardant chemicals

  • Being resistant to mold growth

  • Improving home comfort by maintaining consistent temperatures in every room

  • Increasing indoor air quality

  • Reducing noise for a quieter, more pleasant living space

Made of extremely fine strands of glass, fiberglass insulation can come in batts or in a blown-in option. Fiberglass batts can be of different sizes. It’s important each cavity of your home’s structure is filled properly to ensure appropriate thermal resistance. Although fiberglass insulation costs approximately the same amount as cellulose, it is actually less dusty and easier to install.

Consistent, High-Quality Installation from Hill Country Insulation

At Hill Country Insulation, we ensure that every installation of fiberglass insulation is done appropriately, helping you start reaping the benefits of a more comfortable home immediately.

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I've worked with Hill Country Insulation for the past 4 years and they have been prompt, courteous, and passed inspections in a timely manner. Here recently, we have worked with them in performing our City of Austin Energy Audits and have begun having them do the HERS ratings.

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