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Adding attic ventilation is key to maintaining a healthy, comfortable home in a hot Texas climate. In addition to helping reducing heat build up, attic ventilation also reduces humidity and improves indoor air quality.


As the sun beats down on your Texas home, the air in your attic gets continuously hotter. Not only can this cause damage over time to your attic and the structure of your home, it also forces your air conditioner to work tirelessly to keep your home comfortable. Attic ventilation helps to circulate the air in your attic, helping prevent the heat buildup from wreaking havoc on your home.


The best way to promote a healthy flow of air throughout your attic is to pay attention to how your insulation is installed. Insulation needs to placed in such a way that it never covers soffit vents, which naturally let air pass through.

Another way to ventilate your attic is by installing an attic fan or a form of mechanical ventilation. An attic fan helps to cool a hot attic by pulling in cool outdoor air in the morning or late evening from attic vents and pushing the hot air out. In order to work well, an attic fan requires that your attic has unobstructed soffit vents and is well air sealed.


When heat builds up in your attic, humidity does as well. When condensation occurs, there is a buildup of moisture which can cause mold growth and structural damage. Ventilating your attic can help reduce humidity and help you avoid moisture problems in your home. By decreasing humidity, your home’s indoor air quality will increase, allowing you and your family to breathe easier.


Hill Country Insulation can help improve your attic with appropriate ventilation. You’ll reduce humidity and keep your home cooler throughout the hot weather. To make sure you are making the most of your home efficiency upgrades, start with a home energy audit. This comprehensive diagnostic audit will pinpoint exactly where your home is wasting energy, and which upgrades you will benefit from the most. Other services we may recommend for your attic are installing a radiant barrier, or removal of your old and ineffective attic insulation to save you as much money as possible on your monthly energy bills, and keep your home as comfortable and energy efficient as it can be.

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I've worked with Hill Country Insulation for the past 4 years and they have been prompt, courteous, and passed inspections in a timely manner. Here recently, we have worked with them in performing our City of Austin Energy Audits and have begun having them do the HERS ratings.

Dale Thornton, BDB Ventures
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