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At Hill Country Insulation, we use tests, not assumptions, to locate energy efficiency issues for Texas homeowners from Georgetown to Austin. Our in-depth analysis allows us to find areas of concern in your home’s energy efficiency and comfort during a home efficiency audit, and later recommend effective solutions to combat any problems.

What is a Blower Door Test?

A blower door test reveals air leaks in your home using a special fan. This is the industry-standard method to evaluate the airtightness of your home’s building envelope. For homes with a great amount of air leakage, we recommend air sealing and sometimes installing additional insulation for increased comfort, improved indoor air quality, and greater energy and utility cost savings.

Determining Air Leakage with a Blower Door Test

A blower door test begins by closing all windows and doors and turning all HVAC systems off. We then insert a frame and flexible panel into an exterior doorway of your home. Using a variable speed fan, air is then drawn out of your home, creating a low pressure interior. This results in air from the outside being pulled in through cracks and gaps. A pressure gauge takes measurements on the amount of air entering, thereby assessing the amount of air leakage in your home.

Making Your Austin Area Home Energy Efficient

Most homes have significant air leaks resulting in increased, unnecessary energy usage. All the gaps, cracks and leaks in the average Texas Hill Country home are equal to leaving a window open all year long. It’s impressive to think just how much money you could save on your cooling and heating bills when you find and seal these cracks and gaps.

Hill Country Insulation: The Austin Area Energy Efficiency Experts

Hill Country Insulation is the energy efficiency expert in the Austin area. We are committed to helping Texas Hill Country homeowners lower their energy bills and increase home comfort.

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We've used Hill Country Insulation and Gutters for the past 8 years as our primary insulation and gutter company. They turn around competitive bids quickly and their service is second to none. They also have been very helpful in providing energy audits, duct/blower door tests, and HERS ratings... Read More

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