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Hill Country Insulation performs home efficiency audits using blower door tests and infrared thermal imaging to identify and correct energy inefficiencies. This no-cost energy assessment provides insights into which improvements on your home will have the largest impact on your comfort and energy bills.

Energy Savings for Your Hill Country Home

A home efficiency audit provided by Hill Country Insulation’s expert team will uncover where your home’s energy is disappearing. Using scientific methods and empirical data from a complete professional analysis using a blower door test and infrared thermal imaging, you will receive a report of the issues at hand and suggestions of valuable solutions.

The Benefits of a Home Efficiency Audit

Once your home has been assessed, we’ll prescribe our recommendations for what might benefit your home. Implementing the upgrades following your home efficiency audit has multiple benefits, including:

  • Enhanced home comfort

  • Improved home performance and efficiency

  • Utility bill savings

  • Higher indoor air quality, peace of mind and safety

Your Local Austin Certified Energy Auditors

Hill Country Insulation is a certified energy auditor, performing home energy assessments from Georgetown to Austin, Texas. By helping locate areas of energy leaks in the home, our team can help you address these problems, helping increase your comfort, save on energy costs and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Let us show you what a home efficiency audit can do for your home. Contact us or call 512-515-7707 today to schedule your no-cost home assessment!

Blower Door Test

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At Hill Country Insulation, we use tests, not assumptions, to locate energy efficiency issues for Texas homeowners from Georgetown to Austin. Our in-depth analysis allows us to find areas of concern in your home’s energy efficiency and comfort during a home efficiency audit, and later recommend effective solutions to combat any problems.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

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Two of the main culprits responsible for energy inefficient homes in Texas Hill Country are air leakage and inadequate insulation. Infrared thermal imaging analysis performed by a professional, like the experts at Hill Country Insulation, can help locate areas of concern. By addressing issues with air leaks and insulation, your home can quickly become more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

Duct Testing & Sealing

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Duct leakage in Austin area homes can increase cooling and heating costs by over 30%. Leaky ducts can also contribute to safety, healthy and comfort issues. By testing your ducts during a home efficiency audit and then duct sealing as necessary, your home can start feeling more comfortable while saving you money on energy costs.

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We've used Hill Country Insulation and Gutters for the past 8 years as our primary insulation and gutter company. They turn around competitive bids quickly and their service is second to none. They also have been very helpful in providing energy audits, duct/blower door tests, and HERS ratings... Read More

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