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January 9, 2018

Why Is There Standing Water in My Gutters?

Snow may be falling in areas around the country, but here in central Texas, it looks like temperatures are going to remain above freezing for the foreseeable future. While snow isn’t much of an issue here, rain can cause its fair share of problems for Pflugerville area homeowners. One common complaint we hear is standing water in gutters.

Standing water may seem like a small setback, but in reality, leaving your gutters untreated could lead to much more significant issues. Heavy rain could cause water to stream over the sides of your gutters, wreaking havoc on your landscaping and even undermining the integrity of your foundation. Standing water could also attract mosquitoes, cause your gutters to rust, or lead to damage to your roof and siding. The weight of the water alone could even make your gutter system fail completely. In case you’re seeing standing water in your own gutters, here is a look at the most common causes — and how you can solve the problem once and for all.

Cause #1: Clogged Downspout

A clogged downspout is perhaps the most common cause of standing water in gutters, so be sure to check your downspout first for any clogs. Objects such as sticks and twigs, leaves, pinecones, asphalt roof granules, and toys often lodge themselves here. The solution for a clogged downspout, of course, is to clear the clog. If you can reach the clog, you may be able to do this by hand or with a long, thin object such as a broom handle. For hard-to-reach clogs, you may need a professional’s help.

Cause #2: Improper Gutter Slope

Gutters are designed to carry water from your roof to the downspouts so that it can flow safely off of your house. When gutters are installed at an improper slope, they cannot effectively carry water to the downspouts. This causes water to pool up rather than flowing away from your roof. To solve this problem, it’s best to hire a professional who will use precise equipment to create the proper gutter slope for drainage.

Get More from Your Gutters with Hill Country

Professionally installed gutters are crucial if you want to protect your home from water damage. At Hill Country Insulation, we are gutter experts. We offer a variety of seamless gutter services to help you get more from your gutters. We work with aluminum, copper, and galvalume steel gutters and can help you find a style that is perfect for your home.

Tired of standing water in your gutters? Call (512) 515-7707 or contact us to find out what seamless gutters can do for your home!