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November 8, 2017

The weather may still be warm here in Pflugerville, but nightly temperatures will soon be chilly. Is your home ready for a change in the seasons? Now is the perfect time to make improvements so that you and your family can stay comfortable all winter long. For maximum comfort, consider bundling multiple home improvements together into one project. We recommend getting a home efficiency audit along with air sealing and insulation — the perfect service combo for a warmer home.

Assess Your Home with a Free Home Efficiency Audit

Bundling your home starts with understanding where is it losing heat. Our complimentary home efficiency audit will determine exactly what your house needs to be more comfortable and energy efficient. Using a blower door test, our experts will measure how much air is leaking out of your home. Then, with infrared imaging, they will locate areas where there are air leaks and insulation gaps. Once your home has been assessed, you’ll receive customized recommendations on how to minimize heat loss in your home. Air sealing and insulation are usually first on the list of recommended upgrades.

Air Sealing & Insulation for a Warmer Home

Together, air sealing and insulation make your home more comfortable not only during the winter but year-round. Air sealing eliminates those gaps and cracks in your home’s building envelope where air flows readily in and out. This keeps temperatures in your home more consistent and reduces drafts.

Once your home has been air sealed, insulation can be installed. Insulation creates a thermal boundary in your home that prevents indoor heat from escaping during the winter and outdoor heat from entering during the summer. This further helps to stabilize temperatures in the home and allows your HVAC systems to work more effectively, so you’ll also see a reduction in your monthly energy bills. Together, air sealing and insulation are the perfect combination for year-round energy efficiency and comfort.

Bundle Your Austin Area Home with Hill Country Insulation

Ready to bundle your home? Let the experts at Hill Country Insulation help. It all starts with a home efficiency audit. An expert will assess your home and tell you exactly where your home needs to be air sealed and insulated. Then, our team will complete the installation projects as needed to enhance your home’s comfort. In addition to keeping you and your family warm all winter, these upgrades will work together to boost energy efficiency, reduce your bills, and improve indoor air quality all year long.

Enhance home comfort with bundled services this fall. Call (512) 515-7707 or contact us today to get started!