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Hill Country Insulation serves the City of Austin, Texas by performing ECAD audits for buildings supplied by Austin Energy.

What is a City of Austin ECAD Audit?

The Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure ordinance or ECAD (defined in Chapter 6-7 of the Energy Conservation of the Austin City Code) decrees energy audits and disclosures for homes, multifamily residences and commercial buildings situated within the city limits of Austin and served by Austin Energy. Almost all homes and buildings in Austin require an ECAD audit. Implementing the recommendations from the audit, however, is not required.

Do I Need an ECAD Audit?

If you’re the owner of one of the following, then you need to have an ECAD certificate for your property:

A Single Family Home

All Austin condos and homes that are for sale and over 10 years old are required to have a residential ECAD audit conducted. The results of the audit must be presented to potential buyers.

A Multifamily Residential Building

Multifamily residences in Austin served by Austin Energy that are 10 years or older and have 5 or more units require an ECAD audit. The certificate must be made available to existing and potential residents.

A Commercial Building

Commercial buildings over 10,000 square feet in Austin need to have an ECAD audit performed. A report of the building’s Energy Rating must be presented to the City of Austin by June 1 of each year.

The Benefits of an ECAD for Your Austin Property

The ECAD ordinance’s purpose is to promote Austin’s energy efficiency. An ECAD audit will help to recognize potential energy saving opportunities in homes, multifamily residential buildings and commercial properties. Implementing recommendations from an ECAD audit has many benefits, including:

  • Saving money on utility costs

  • Increasing comfort for occupants

  • Improving indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • Boosting resale value of the property

  • Reducing carbon emissions

Every ECAD audit results in a report that provides valuable insights the property owner. An ECAD report can determine if the home qualifies for rebates through Texas Gas Services and Austin Energy.

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